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Who is more likely to get kidney cancer?
The rate of kidney cancer is growing fast due to which of the following?
Which of these is NOT a risk factor for kidney cancer?
What colour urine can be a sign of kidney cancer?
Which of these can be an early sign of kidney cancer?
Kidney cancer can be easily detected before it has spread by.....
Why is action on kidney cancer so urgent?
Please help us with our important research by answering the questions below
FACT: Kidney cancer is the world's fastest-growing cancer and men are almost twice as likely to get it as women.
FACT: Being overweight or obese doubles your risk of kidney cancer. Every year, around 338,000 new cases of kidney cancer are diagnosed and it's growing fast.
FACT: Other risk factors include exposure to toxic substances including benzene, cadmium and asbestos.
FACT: Not everyone who has kidney cancer will have blood in their urine. Kidney cancer is most commonly detected by chance.
FACT: If you experience any of these, or pinkish/red urine, fever, or unexplained weight loss, talk to your doctor.
FACT: There is NO current test for kidney cancer. That’s why more research is needed to develop better prevention and early detection.
FACT: Kidney cancer needs to be a global health priority for everyone
Men & women equally?
The growth of mobile phone use?
Climate change?
The obesity epidemic?
The obesity epidemic
High blood pressure?
A family history of kidney cancer?
Drinking coffee?
Drinking coffee
Almost colourless?
Lower back pain?
A lump in the abdomen?
Constant tiredness?
Any of them?
Any of them
A urine test?
A blood test?
A physical examination?
None of the above.
None of the above
Rates are increasing fast?
Advanced kidney cancer is incurable?
Research is significantly underfunded?
All these and more?
All of these and more

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